I have been to Australia five or six times, all for work.  I have visited Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and been driving along the south western coastline and into the Blue Mountains.

Several trips spanned a weekend, allowing me a bit of exploration time.


HMS Indulgence

I am on the right and have not had my caffiene.

On the bottom


Unique to Oceania, Nudies are sea slugs. They come in many colors and are always fun to spot.

Star Bright

If I recall these are nick-named Tile Starfish.

Leafy Sea Dragon

Unique to Oceania, this is a member of the sea horse family.

Leafy Sea Dragon

In fact the Indulgence had a painting of one on her hull.

Blue Devil

Low hanging fruit...

Fruit bats that is.

Poor bird had to wait forever to get any service.

Albino kangaroo


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